NI-P300T 1
NI-P300T 2
NI-P300T 3

Steam Circulating Iron



• Easily minimize tugs and snags with a curved, non-stick titanium-coated soleplate
• Quickly generate the perfect level of steam with adjustable settings
• Iron more efficiently with 1500W power and easy-dial precision temperature control
• Keep steam vents clog-free with anti-calcium cleaning system
• Enjoy tangle-free ironing with 360° rotating power cord

Curved, Non-Stick Titanium-Finish Soleplate 

Minimize tugging and iron effortlessly on all fabrics with an ultra-smooth, non-stick titanium-coated soleplate. U-shape steam-circulating design evenly distributes steam for faster, more efficient ironing.


Adjustable Steam and Dry Settings

Apply the perfect concentration of steam — or no steam at all — to all your ironing tasks. Set to HIGH for heavier and everyday fabrics, LOW for more delicate fabrics and quick, easy touch-ups or DRY for ironing when no steam is needed.


See Instantly When Water Level is Low

The iron's large water window clearly shows when water needs to be added. A wide, easily accessible refill port helps prevent spills while adding water.


Precisely Dial All the Right Temperatures

Iron more efficiently with 1500 Watts of power and a convenient, easy-dial precision temperature control designed to monitor and maintain the temperature you choose.


A Shot of Mist Exactly Where You Need It

Instantly put an extra shot of moisture precisely when and where you need it. 


Keep Vents Clear for Clog-Free Steam

Keep the iron's steam vents clear and working like new with a built-in anti-calcium cleaning system designed to automatically reduce natural sediment by minimizing build-up in the iron's vaporizing chamber.


Tangle-Free Ironing

Enjoy easy, tangle-free ironing from any direction with a convenient 360° rotating power cord.



    • Color (Iron / Water Tank)
    • Soleplate Style
    • Steam Circulating Soleplate
    • Soleplate Finish
    • Water Tank
    • Iron Handle
    • Wide Water Refill
    • Cord Design
    • Temperature Control
    • Temperature Ready Indicator Light
    • Heat Resistant Carrying Case
    • Easy Glide - Curved Soleplate
    • Time Saving - Multi-Directional Soleplate
    • Selectable Fabric / Temperature Dial
    • Choose Steam or Dry Operation
    • Adjustable Steam Amount
    • Water Mist
    • Water Tank Capacity (oz.)
    • Automatic Water Seal
    • Stay Clean Steam Vents
    • Quick Reference Fabric / Temp. Chart
    • Easy Storage / Carrying Case w/ Handle
    • POWER
    • Power Supply
    • Rated Power
    • Iron - Temperature Range
    • Unit (H x W x D) (in.)
    • Carton (H x W x D) (in.)
    • Unit (lbs.)
    • Carton (lbs.) 3.5