1.0L Durable & Lightweight Blender

Fine Blend, Smooth Texture


  • Centralized On/Off Switch
  • Safety Design
  • Twin Jug and Dry Mill Attachment
  • Durable Stainless Steel Cutter
  • Scraper for Easy Mixing
  • Simple ON/OFF Switch
  • Circuit Breaker and Safety Lock
  • Twin Jug and Dry Mill Attachment
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Easy Blending with Centralized On/Off Switch

Once you put the ingredients, simply press the switch.

While watching the blending condition, you can easily turn the switch on or off. The scraper helps to mix the ingredients during blending.

Lightweight, Easy to Wash

The lightweight plastic jug is easy to handle, especially for cleaning.

Safety Design

Safety lock works when jug is not set properly. When overloaded, the circuit breaker prevents motor failure and protects it immediately.