14Kg Top load Washing Machine


ActiveFoam System

  • Lifts stains away with fine foam

Easy Wide Opening

  • Lower tub height and wide tub for easy to reach

Capacity 14kg/ ECONAVI

  • Fully automatic top-loading washing machine with ECONAVI
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Superior Wash
Performance with
Exceptional Ease of

Lifts Stains Away with Fine Foam

The ActiveFoam System creates fine, high-density foam before the washing cycle starts. Fine foam lifts, separates and removes dirt from deep in fibers.

* The level of foaming depends on conditions such as load size, degree of soiling, detergent type, and water pressure. However, there is no change in washing performance.

Benefits of ActiveFoam System

  1. Clean results
    • A rich foam is created to maximize surfactant performance for powerful washing.
  1. Fast Penetration
    • Fine & dense foam makes easier to penetrate clothes to quickly remove dirt.
  1. Less undissolved detergent
    • Detergent is turned into foam before washing, so less undissolved detergent becomes attached
      to clothes.

How the ActiveFoam System Works

Step 1

Fine, creamy, highly concentrated foam is generated by  fins rotating on the underside of the Active Wave Pulsator.

Step 2

Foam penetrates into clothes quickly by foam cascades.

Step 3

Foam is circulated and regenerated repeatedly by 6 ring showers and then penetrates deeply into clothes.

* The level of foaming depends on conditions such as load size, degree of soiling, detergent type and water hardness. However, a satisfactory level of washing performance is maintained.

Excellent Washing Result

* Note: Based on internal testing. Washing results may vary depending on conditions.

Active Wave Pulsator for Powerful Scrub Wash Effect

Active Wave Pulsator with 8 wings creates powerful vertical water flow in the tub to repeatedly move clothes up and down for a scrub wash effect that removes stubborn hard stains.

Easier Daily Wash

The lower tub height and wide tub opening make it easy to load/unload large items and easy to reach the bottom of the tub for more comfortable daily washing. The rear control panel can also be easy to read & operate.

Energy & Water Saving with Advanced Technology

ECONAVI detects water temperature, wash load amount, laundry material and automatically adjusts operation to save energy, water, and time by eliminating waste.

Detects Conditions of Your Laundry and Optimize Energy and Time

  1. Laundry Load Sensor
    • When the load is small, the water level is reduced to save water. The optimum water volume is selected each time to avoid waste.
  1. Water Temperature Sensor
    • ECONAVI detects the temperature to judge how easily the detergent will dissolve and selects the optimum washing time.

Advanced Washing with INVERTER

The INVERTER changes tub rotation smoothly to ensure efficient, quiet operation.