1550w Cordless Steam Iron

Freestyle Ironing!

Quick wrinkle reduction with CORDLESS & Multi-Direction Soleplate. Detachable Water Tank for easy set-up and Vertical Steam Shot for quick use.

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Smooth Out Wrinkles with Cordless Glide

A cordless iron makes your ironing smooth, effortless and fun. You can move it freely without worrying about the cord. Refresh your favorite clothes swiftly, and enjoy the feel of dressing neatly.

How to Use a Cordless Iron

Step 1

Iron your clothes.

Step 2

Reposition the clothes on the ironing board. Meanwhile, the base heats up the iron immediately, so you can continue ironing as long as necessary.

Multi-Direction Soleplate for Ideal Ironing

You can glide it in any direction because the soleplate is tapered at both ends and symmetrically formed.

Comfortable Glide in All Directions

In combination with the cordless iron, it gives you full freedom of movement and efficient ironing for all parts of the clothes.

Designed for Safety and Stability

For your peace of mind, the hot plate rests stably on the power base. It reduces the chance of burning your finger or falling off the board, compared to the conventional design.

Quick Wrinkle Reduction with Power Steam Shot

Just push the button and a blast of steam blows off wrinkles. In combination with the cordless design and vertical shot, you can easily handle clothes on a hanger.

Efficient Use of Water with Auto Steam Stopper


It stops steaming on the power base. Even though the water tank is compact, It can use steam smartly and efficiently.


It continues discharging and dampens the floor, if placed on the ironing board without turning it off.

Other Features

Curved Soleplate

You can enjoy smooth ironing without snagging because all the edges are curved upward, which reduces friction against the fabric and enables the iron to go over a little step and even move side to side.

Adjustable Steam

You can select the amount of steam in 3 levels: Dry, Medium, and High.

Steam Circulation

The circular groove spreads steam over the whole soleplate.

Detachable Water Tank

You don’t need to bring the whole iron to your sink because the water tank is detachable. It is easy to pour in and remove water.


Water leakage is automatically prevented by halting the water supply in case the temperature of the soleplate drops to a certain level.


The capsule inside the water tank prevents lime scale from clogging the steam vents, which maintains enough steam for a long time.

Symmetrical Design

The iron is designed symmetrically to maximise the full freedom of movement, which only a cordless iron can provide.

Gripping Position

The gripping position is at the center of gravity so you can move the iron smoothly without losing balance.

Secret of the Power Base

The power base is tilted at 20° so you can take the iron out and set it back easily and naturally.

Smooth glide with CORDLESS and Multi- Direction Soleplate

Quick set-up with Detachable Water Tank

Less risk of burn and drop with the Stable Power Base

Vertical Steam Shot for quick use